Friday, 31 October 2008

It's been a good day

We have now officially spent/allocated all of our budget. So once the bathroom and plastering of living room is done, everything else will need to be saved for.

Today I've agreed on a plumber/tiler and we've got a plasterer starting on Monday! So hopefully some cool photos of the living/dining area transforming over the next few weeks.

Friday, 24 October 2008

Obey Your Master! Yeah!

Woohoo! We have tickets not to one but 2 Metallica concerts at the O2. Don't worry it's not part of the house budget, it's part of the "Things to look forward to while renovating the house to stop us going insane" budget. After all you can't stop living can you?

As for the house, Colin and dad have built the stud wall filling where the door was in the bathroom, so now we have to jump over the bath to get the the sink :)

What else did they do? Oh they fixed the brick wall out the front, and I've bought my hedging plants so me and mum can hopefully finish the 'rockery' and plant the hedges this weekend.

Colin bricked up the fireplace ready for the non-existant plasterer.

I'll put photos on this weekend.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

This is my first ever blog...

I've been posting photos on my facebook account, but I guess it'd be nice to add some sort of story to it all. I like taking photos of the smallest changes, so be prepared for spot the difference games :)

Bedroom 3

This above was our first job we tackled, the smallest bedroom aka bedroom 3. It's still yet to be completed, as were were waiting on the electrician who has now been and gone.

The trees

The trees were twice as tall as the house and blocked out all our light. They were dangerous I think because a hurricane probably would have the over as they were so top heavy. Anyway, they came down and to you tree huggers out there, I am going to replace them with a laurel hedge.

There were actually 6 trees, but we forgot to take the before photo before the guy started to cut them down!

The Front Door

You might not think a front door is a top priority thing to do, but this has kept me and my mum busy for a few weekends as there's a limit to our skills. It's also nice having the front of the house looking nicer.

We stripped all the varnish off and stained with Ronseal 3 times. I repainted the frame, and Colin and Dad fitted the new glass to the left of the door. You may well see in the tree photos above that the bottom window was a bit of plywood :s not very secure.

The Cupboard In The Hallway

This cupboard used to house the hotwater tank, several manky cassette tapes left by the previous owners, and lots of dust and dirt. Yuk. After the installation of our new combi boiler in the kitchen, we were able to remove the hotwater tank leaving us with a very useful cupboard.

As it's a cupboard I didn't spend too much time filling holes, so it's a rough job. It's now become our DIY cupboard, but hopefully that's just temporary as I plan to store my bulk buy supermarket bargains in here.

The Radiator In The Hallway

There wasn't too much point in doing the radiator yet as it'll get knocked about, but I couldn't resist one coat of paint just to tidy things up :)

The Bathroom

We've knocked down the wall between the toilet and the bathroom. We're planning on switching the bath and sink around. We've had one quote so far for £1170. Ouch. Why is everything so expensive?

The Back Garden

The back garden was completely paved. It was also above the damp proof level, so it's been completely ripped up and looks a bit like a building site at the moment!

The Rabbit's Makeover

Well Twiggy and Gizmodo need to have a renovation too. Twiggy's playhouse got a nice coat of stain, and she's got a new felt roof on it's way. Gizmo got a brand new ground level door so we don't need to pick him up to let him out.

The Kitchen

We're going to have to save up for a kitchen, but in the mean time, this is how it looks like now:

New French Doors

Very happy with our French glad I got talked out of sliding patio doors.