Friday, 14 November 2008

Bedroom 2 - nearly done

We used Matt Calico paint because we got in cheap from B&Q. I think it looks like a very very pale magnolia. It's a good starting point for the room. Tonight we plan to get the curtains up and start moving furniture in there. For those not in the know, carpets will be done at the end of the entire project, so we're looking at another 6 - 12 months before it gets carpeted.

In the left hand picture you can see our bodge job at hiding what was once a piece of glass above the door. I think it looks OK for now. Needs another coat of paint and maybe a bit of sealer around the edges where my plastering skills haven't quite come up to standard :)

1 comment:

Susan and Paul said...

Nice colour Sam, all the better for being a bargain. Looks a nice paint job too - want to do ours (LOL)?

Very clever how you've got two pictures side by side, I've not fathomed that out yet. PM me on MSE with the secret, pretty please!