Thursday, 19 February 2009

Virtually finished the bedrooms...

Bedroom 1
Before and after. This room was probably one of the best rooms in terms of decor when we moved in. But we stripped it right back and started over. Painted in calico on the walls and painted the cupboards.

Bedroom 3 (smallest room)

and the same room from standing in the doorway.

And the cupboard that's in this small bedroom. We made some shelves, out of spare plywood and I painted them. Lots of room for our junk.

And finally (no before piccy) bedroom 2 which will be our hobby/guest room. We plan on putting a sofa bed in there when we have the money. But for now here's a picture of my crafting corner :) I got the furniture from Ikea for my birthday. Ignore the binliner...its full of Eeyores which will be housed on the sofa bed when we get one!

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Liberty :) said...

Wow you have done really well :) I love the crafters corner, those boxes could house some of my treasures too! I will have to look out for them.