Friday, 24 October 2008

Obey Your Master! Yeah!

Woohoo! We have tickets not to one but 2 Metallica concerts at the O2. Don't worry it's not part of the house budget, it's part of the "Things to look forward to while renovating the house to stop us going insane" budget. After all you can't stop living can you?

As for the house, Colin and dad have built the stud wall filling where the door was in the bathroom, so now we have to jump over the bath to get the the sink :)

What else did they do? Oh they fixed the brick wall out the front, and I've bought my hedging plants so me and mum can hopefully finish the 'rockery' and plant the hedges this weekend.

Colin bricked up the fireplace ready for the non-existant plasterer.

I'll put photos on this weekend.

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