Wednesday, 18 November 2009


I gotta admit they've done a good job, but I still don't see why they had to hack down every tree bar the holly tree :(

This is the view from the beginnng of the alleyway, the brown gate at the end (left of trees is ours). They've put up the new fencing to hold the soil up.

Closer to my end of the alley. I guess you can see why they cut down the trees, they are more bush type than tree type. Maybe if they were just trunks then they would have left them. I can see what they mean by them proving a hide out for kids.
I'm a little concerned as this last tree which is behind my wall is actually on council property, so who knows if it'll still be there tonight?

Here is the view from my end looking back...

And finally my new view from my living room. I've been thinking it might not be so bad if my neighbours opposite put up a 6 foot fence. That would then make the white pitch shed there look tidier. I reckon I could grow something in front of my shed to grow over the roof and then that would hide the view of the Kia garage. It might be salvagable yet. I would be very happy if the council lady would plant new trees/bush/pivet anything bigger than bulbs behind my fence. I'll see what she says.

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James Curtis said...

Such a beautiful lawn and interior designs. Thumbs up!

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