Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Little update

We're pretty much finished, but I have added some shrubs and a bargainous £2 rose bush to the garden as well as done a bit of painting the fences.

Future jobs include:
  • Building the brick wall out back
  • Finish painting the back fences
  • Scraping all the rubbery bits off the back outside wall of the house (where they had glued a conservatory I assume)
  • Replace the guttering
  • Paint the soffits
  • Replace the fence out the front
  • Build/buy some sort of Wheely bin hider/camouflager.
  • Fit and paint internal doors
  • And one day get a new kitchen
Most of the above will wait till next spring now, but we're in the process of booking a carpenter to fit the doors for us before Christmas.

I will try to get photos of the garden soon as it's getting better and more mature already :) I planted 60 tulips, and 100 crocuses and snowdrops, so I look forward to when they come up.

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